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About Me

Joey Lounsury is a 16-year old photographer who specializes in various aspects of photography including; aviation, sports, automobiles, wildlife, landscapes, and macros. Joey began his photographic endeavour with his main subject being birds, but has since moved on to include a very wide array of subjects that he photographs. After receiving a Nikon D40, a beginner DSLR camera, Joey took classes on how to use the camera as well as creative mindsets to make good images. However, Joey is 95% self taught. As he always says, "Experience comes from looking through the viewfinder and learning what the result will be. You can read as many books as you want, but nothing will beat the learning experience of either failing or making the shot." Joey has won multiple awards, both regionally and nationally. He is a member of the Candlewood Camera Cub and has acheived multiple 1st and 2nd place awards with the honor of receiving the 2011 B&W Print of the Year Award. He has also received honorable mentions in two worldwide photo contests including the Great Backyard Bird Count photo contest, which had over 6,000 entries, and the Photographer's Forum Magazine photo contest which had over 18,000 entries. Joey is always looking for new and unqie ways to make images that viewers don't see everyday. One of those is with his Air2Air photography. Hanging out of a plane with an open door at 1,000 feet with planes forming up 20 feet away may not be what you would call fun, but for Joey it is an adrenaline rush like no other. And not to mention the photographs that come out of the shoot! On top of his photography, Joey is beginning training to become a private pilot. He hopes to become well versed in aerobatic flying as he gains cockpit time.