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Welcome to the new J Lounsbury Photography Store! Here we will display items for sale. To purchase, e-mail me and I will set-up your order.

Specialty Items
8.5x11 Print - $20
2013 Calendars - $2 - (Limited Quantity)
8.5x11 Print Matted & Framed - $60
12-Pack Custom Greeting Cards - $20
13x19 Print - $70
Single Custom Greeting Card - $4
13x19 Print Matted & Framed - $225
Private Workshop - $125HR.
13x19 Metal Print - $325
Group Workshop - $100/HR.
17x22 Print - $85
Birding Guide - $20
17x22 Print Matted & Framed - $300
Image Rights - 1 for $30
17x22 Metal Print - $500
Image Rights - 5 for $100

J Lounsbury Photography produces the utmost best quality prints, mats, and frames. Our workhorse printer is the Epson Stylus Pro 3880 which produces stunning prints up to 17x22 in size. It uses the UltraChrome K3 Ink tehcnology that produces a print that is sharp, colorful, and made to last! We print on the highest quality Epson and Canson mediums to make sure you get the best possible print. Our custom matting and framing compliments the print immensely. We mount the print on acid-free mounting board and use a very high quality matting to compliment the print. We also cut and join custom frames. Before each print, or combination of print, matting, and framing is turned out, we check the product for any unwanted blemishes. All of the images in our gallery are available for printing and framing. We now have Metal Prints avaiable. This is not something we do in house, but still ensure the best quality possible since the quality of the work that the folks at ImageWizards (the company who mkaes the metal prints) is beyond great! The image is printed on a piece of polished aluminum and is framed on the back of the print for structural integrity. If you think a print looks good, wait until you see a metal print!

J Lounsbury Photography is now producing Custom 5x7 Greeting Cards! They are offered in either a 12-pack for $20 or singles for $4. Each card comes with an envelope. The 12-pack is by far the best deal with each card costing you only about $1.65. Now here's why these cards are so special! You pick the image that goes on the card. If you order a 12-pack, you can put a different image on each card if you choose to do so.

J Lounsbury Photography is now offering Private & Group Workshops. The Private Workshop may include 1-2 people and the Group Workshop may include 5 or more people. The workshop topic is set by you. It may be something realted to nature photography, aviation photography, or a simply getting to know your camera. Joey has had experience presenting various topics such as Hummingbird Photography and Shorebird Photography at various orginizations and clubs. He has also led a workshop on Shorebird Photography that had over 20 people in attendance. Everyone who attended had a great time.